Sequence of transformations

In this video we see a particular process of transformation.
A solo from a jazz standard has been analyzed and converted to an extremely simple harminic structure, based on a chord (C major) and a scale (C major).

One can then edit the transformed solo without paying attention to the harmonic structure. For example we can invert the measures, or remove the parts we don’t like.
From the solo edited in C, we can then transform it to any harmonic structure (chords and scales).

from Softly As In A Morning Sunrise


Digital midi file of Softly in a Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein) as transcribed by My Sheet Music Transcriptions

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to simple harmonic Structure

C major / A minorF major / D minorBb major / G minorC major / A minor

to Blues Structure with super-locrian scales

-> Eb melodic minor
Eb7 -> Bb melodic minor
Bb7,Bb7 -> Eb melodic minor
Eb7,Eb7 -> Bb melodic minor
Bb7,Bb7 -> Eb melodic minor
F7,Eb7 -> Bb melodic minor
Bb7 -> Eb melodic minor
F7 -> Bb melodic minor

to Complex Harmonic Structure

D7 ->A melodic minor
C#7 -> A harmonic major
C7 -> G melodic minor
B7,Em -> E harmonic minor
D#7 -> C# diminished scale

to major and minor harmonic scales

F harmonic minor
C harmonic major
Bb harmonic minor
F harmonic major

F harmonic minor
F harmonic minor